1984: Stuttgart

1984 There are 3 important things linked to this concert,
- the first is that it's the last of our tour, it's always strange to finish a tour and to return to the «real world»
- the second is that we'll meet at last a band that we like a lot, called the Serpentines. They are from Stuttgart and they are our support band tonight. Here is their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/serpentinesmusic
- the third is that we'll join after the concert our dear friends, our love band, Blood Red Shoes, who are playing at the same time in Schocken. We're so excited!


Great welcome too, great mood, our new songs work pretty well. I see a man singing on Missing voice, it's so strange and it's so soothing that music can talk to people this way!
The Serpentines accomodate us in their flat, it's very kind.

But not the time to sleep, let's meet Blood Red Shoes. We find them at the restaurant La Vida, we embrace for a long time. We haven't seen them for one year, but it seems so natural to be together that we react as if there hadn't been any seperation!
Out of time.

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